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Music Ministry

Musicians come in all sizes and shapes with varying degrees of ability and differing expectations. Yet for sacred music they have one intention: to assist in the praise of God. The origin of liturgical (or sacred) music is attributed to King David. It seems that he was the first "Choir Director". I Chronicles tells us David's forces were legend. Three Levite clans from which he could procure musicians to perform specific duties to assist in worship. 4000 full time musicians were employed to praise God in song. While here at St. Peter's we do not have the same royal resources nor the need for so many musicians, we still continue the tradition set forth by David and the Levites. 

Within our choirs and Praise Team we have a wealth of experience and potential in our children, youth and adults alike. Some choir members have sung for over 40 years and some are just beginning. Their backgrounds are greatly varied, but their love for music and God is a shared sentiment.

There are many ways you and your family can participate by joining our choirs:

Our Youth Choir are members of the Eighth Street Players and present three musicals each year. (Rehearsals vary, check the web site for Eighth Street Players.)

Our Bell Ensemble for Youth meets on Sundays at 9:30am

The Adult Handbell Program is on Tuesdays:

      5:30pm - Training Choir

      6:30pm - St. Peter's Bell Choir

The Praise Team rehearsals: Saturdays - 8:00am

The St. Peter's Choir (high school and up) rehearsals: Fridays - 6:00pm

Our choir and praise team lead worship every Sunday throughout the church year.

The Masterworks Choir and Orchestra rehearsals: Fridays - 7:30pm (fall and summer)

As you can see there are many opportunities to make music at St. Peter's, and a place for YOU where you will be welcomed, accepted, nurtured and enjoy learning and presenting music in worship and in concert.

Please contact Music Director and Organist: John Bate at: or Worship Leader Amy Melson at:

en Chamade

St. Peter's Organ and our New Festival Trumpet

From 2000 to 2003 the organ went thru a major renovation, restoration that also included new stops on most of the manuals. The RJ Brunner Company was in charge of the work and since then they have been  our "organ guys" and tune the instrument several times a year as well as general maintenance and keeping it in good working order.

This past fall they offered us a terrific "deal". Christ Church in Philadelphia was purchasing a new organ and Ray Brunner was able to purchase several stops from the old organ. (organ pipes by the way can last for a very long time!). I once played an organ in the Netherlands which was over 100 years old. One of the stops Ray purchased was the Trompette en Chamade. That is the French term for a very "big" sounding trumpet and is usually mounted on a wall horizontally. We were offered the opportunity to purchase the stop and several people were asked to help with the cost and have been very generous in their gifts to this project.

En Chamade.jpg

Many of you know John Binsfeld who has been a great friend of St. Peter's, and our music for several years. John retired a few years ago from Christ Church and now lives here in Ocean City, and has attended church, played for us and for me has been a very supportive colleague. 

Because of our low ceiling in the back of the church our new trumpet will not be horizontal but has been installed in the Antiphonal Division of the organ in the back of the church. The Brunner company had to build a new wind chest for the stop to sit on and also a new "blower" to supply the wind pressure for the stop. 

The organ guys were here in January to install the new chest and blower and to do some other work on the organ console. This past week they returned and installed our new "Festival Trumpet" and you will get to hear it this Sunday morning for the first time at the 11:00am service.

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