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Making Waves Logo Original From Richard.
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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Campaign Schedule

10/28 Sunday #1

  • Giving Path introduced

  • Affinity Group presentations

  • Taking the Next Step messages

  • Personal Giving Stories

11/4 Sunday #2

  • Presentations continue


11/11 Sunday #3

  • Parade of Banners

  • Step Up Chart presented

  • Estimate of Giving cards distributed


11/18 Sunday #4

  • Estimate of Giving cards completed and offered

11/25 Sunday #5

  • Preliminary results announced

12/9 Sunday #6

  • Campaign results announced



First Time Giver
Begin to give.


Intentional Giver

Plan what percentage of your income to give for a year.


Growing Giver

Increase your giving toward a tithe.



Begin giving 10% of your income.


Extravagant Giver

Give beyond 10% of your income.


Steps to Start a Wave

St. Peter’s is committed to Making Waves that impact people’s lives with God’s love. We use our resources, our gifts, and our time to become the hands and feet of Jesus locally, regionally and internationally.

There’s a lot that goes on beneath the surface of those waves. We often celebrate the impact of outreach without remembering the ingredients that make it all possible: from willing hearts and the Holy Spirit to collection plates and juggling budget priorities.

Our outreach ministries and our base camp depend on continued financial support. We invite you to pray and ask God how you can Start a Wave today.

What are some of the waves of outreach that our giving supports?
Feeding the hungry in local communities
International mission trips
Disaster relief supplies and aid
ELL classes for local English learners
Family Promise
Manna at the Shore

Between now and November 18th
Prayerfully examine your giving and how it reflects your commitment to Christ.
Read the daily devotional in The Journey Begins and ask for God’s guidance.
Determine what percentage of your income you are giving to God’s work through St. Peter’s and what your next step could be.

Why Talk About Money?
Jesus Talked About It
Jesus spoke openly and often about money and possessions. As followers of Jesus, we should be eager to talk about giving as an outward expression of our love for Christ.
It’s a Spiritual Issue
How we use our resources is primarily a spiritual issue. We invest our treasure in what we value - where our heart truly lies. As our discipleship matures, our stewardship matures.
It’s About Trust
As we learn to trust and faithfully follow Jesus, we learn to depend less on ourselves and more on God, believing in the abundant life Jesus promised. Giving generously, even extravagantly, is an essential part of that abundance.
Think Outside the Budget Box
We’ve talked about Building a Shore Foundation at St. Peter’s. That requires a commitment to our operating budget, ensuring a base camp which is vital to Making Waves throughout the world. We don’t give merely out of gratitude for God’s blessings. We give because we want to bless countless others with the same transforming love that, as disciples of Jesus, we know so well.


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