"For such a time as this" – a phrase that invokes courage and hope among believers.

These six simple words inspire us toward that one defining moment we all long for...

Our chance to make a difference.


We are richly blessed here at St. Peter’s! God always provides for our ministry and mission needs.

With His generous provision comes a call to courageously grow, reach, build, and serve in Jesus’ name.


These are challenging times, and God has worked to prepare us ‘for such a time as this’. This is also time to act bold in faith, wide in hope, and deep in love, as we shape our future together.

St. Peter's Matching Gift Sunday/Capital Campaign

During this most difficult time, Saint Peter's must raise $400,000 to comply with new COVID standards.


We Must:

  • Replace our 65+ year old steam pipe heating and air conditioning system

  • Update our '70’s bathrooms with automatic toilets & sinks, and no-touch soap & towel dispensers 


Why We're Doing This

  • We have to step up meet the new requirements of a post-COVID world

  • These renovations have been at the top of the Trustees priority list. Now we must complete them.

How Do We Raise That Much Money?

The following breakdown shows how many people giving different amounts can get us to our goal.

Our faithful response includes courageous, definitive action that is crucial to our future.

St. Peter's United Methodist Church

501 E. 8th St., Ocean City, NJ 08226


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