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  Light Up the Night

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11/29/2020:  Watch Through the Night  (Mark 13:24-27)

Jesus promised to come and light up our night, dispel the darkness, and lead us into the fullness of life.

12/6/2020:  Prepare! He’s Coming  (Mark 1:1-8)

The only way we can be free is to surrender and prepare to receive Jesus, the one who can light a new way forward for us.

12/13/2020: Humble Joy  (Luke 1:46b-55)

Trusting God with our lives, and humbly submitting ourselves God, allows God’s light to shine within. God’s light shining within is the very definition of joy.

12/20/2020: Amazing Promise (Luke 1:26-38)

There is no darkness that can overcome God’s power…   behold! he light of the world is coming!

CHRISTMAS EVE: Light up the Night (Luke 2:1-20)

God is with us. The Good News of great joy is that God came to the margins where we live and struggle so that we could have peace and hope.

Celebrating Christ's Light in the Darkness

People waited in darkness for the messiah’s coming. In the dark there was despair, oppression, and isolation. Still the people watched and prepared with hope. They were looking in the obvious places, they were looking for an obvious savior, but were disappointed at every turn. Then, from obscurity, from the margins, a light began to shine in the darkness…   and the darkness has never overcome it.


This Advent, as we journey to the stable yard where the light of the world came down, we too are in deep darkness. Global pandemic, isolation, and social unrest move us towards despair. The obvious places of comfort, the obvious solutions for solace have disappointed. Yet still there is light and life and hope in Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. This Advent let’s look to the margins of our lives to see the growing light of Christ bursting forth to light up the night!

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